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Calibre 1.34.0

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File size:52.12 MB
Publisher:Kovid Goyal
Posted:April 29, 2014, 10:11 pm
Updated:April 29, 2014, 10:11 pm
Operating System:Windows
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It has a cornucopia of features divided into the following main categories:

Library Management
E-book conversion
Syncing to e-book reader devices
Downloading news from the web and converting it into e-book form
Comprehensive e-book viewer
Content server for online access to your book collection

Version 1.34.0 Features


New Features

E-book viewer: When in flow mode, handle swiping on the touchscreen differently. Swiping now scrolls line by line in flow mode instead of page by page. If you wish to scroll page by page in flow mode, tap instead of swiping.
Conversion: Preserve all guide entries that are of a type present in the EPUB 2.0 specification. These entries are used by newer Kindle readers to populate the Go To jump list
When adding MOBI files if the author name is in LN, FN format, auto change it to FN LN format, as the MOBI format has no author sort field. This behavior can be disabled by setting Preferences->Tweaks->Author sort name algorithm to copy.
Spellcheck: When checking French text list all words that have the same stem as a single word. So j'aime and aime are listed as a single word.
Spell check: Add a context (right click) menu that allows for quick operations on all selected words
Manage user dictionaries: Add a button to import a list of words in bulk into the user dictionary
Spell check dialog: Allow sorting words case sensitively

Bug Fixes

EPUB Input: Fix incorrect handling of obfuscated fonts using the IDPF obfuscation algorithm when the epub unique identifier starts with urn:uuid
Edit book: Fix obfuscated fonts in EPUB files not being handled correctly when editing the book (obfuscated fonts would get corrupted when making changes).
Edit book: Fix a bug that caused spell checking to fail when using the builtin spanish dictionary
Spell check: Fix replacing a word and then replacing the new word again not working without doing a refresh in between
Spell check: Fix language declarations not being respected for nested tags.
Spell check: Fix 'Show next occurrence' sometimes showing the word in an incorrect location, for example in an attribute where spell check is not performed.
Allow import of dictionaries that deviate from the spec in minor ways
Edit Book: Fix the Show next occurrence button in the spell check dialog sometimes failing to show next occurrence
OS X: Detect the users default interface language correctly. Also fix parsing of ambiguous dates in mm/dd vs dd/mm formats, based on the users locale settings in OS X.

Version 1.28.0 Features

Edit Book: Add a tool to easily insert hyperlinks (click the insert hyperlink button on the toolbar)
Edit book: Add a tool to easily open a file inside the book for editing by just typing a few characters from the file name. To use it press Ctrl+T in the editor or go to Edit->Quick open a file to edit'
Edit book: Allow disabling the completion popups for the search and replace fields. Right click on the search/replace field to enable/disable the completion popup
E-book viewer: Add an option to control the maximum text height in full screen. Note that it only works if the viewer is in paged mode (which is the default mode).
Show the search expression for the virtual library in a tooltip when hovering over the tab for the virtual library.
Book details panel: Show author URL in a tooltip when hovering over author names
Kobo driver: Update to handle updated Kobo firmware

Bug Fixes

Library backup: Avoid infinite retries if converting metadata to backup OPF for a book fails. Simply fail to backup the metadata for that book.
Edit book: Fix file permissions for the edited book being changed on Linux and OS X
Fix text entry cursor becoming invisible when completion popup is opened
Possible fix for crash on OS X Mavericks when adding duplicates
E-book viewer: Fix pressing the Esc key to leave full screen mode not changing the state of the full screen button
When reading metadata from filenames, do not apply the fallback regexp to read metadata if the user specified regexp puts the entire filename into the title. The fallback is only used if the user specified expression does not match the filename at all.
Linux binary install  script: Fix error on linux systems where the system python has an encoding of None set on stdout. * Assume encoding is utf-8 in this case.
Content server: Fix (maybe) an error on some windows computers with a non-standard default encoding